Sunday, 25 November 2012

This is my winter song to you

As the days have been growing shorter and darker, the rain has started to subside and winter has well and truly established itself in Manchester. Despite being an unashamed sun-lover, I have a bit of a soft spot for the winter months. I love curling up in front of the fire and allowing myself that huge slice of cake because my winter wardrobe is so much more forgiving, and I love wrapping up in a million layers and venturing out into the cold to sip mulled wine and explore Christmas markets. As I am still wearing my trusty winter coat from 2009, I have decided it is time to treat myself to a new one but I am having a lot of difficulty deciding on one. I'm adoring the amount of burgundy and camel on the high-street this winter and a new camel coat would go just perfectly in my wardrobe and is so classic that I'm sure I would still be wearing it for years to come (much like my last coat).Here are a few that have taken my fancy- Santa take note!(Many thanks to my new favourite site polyvore for helping me with this post)
Love S xx 
Did someone say Camel?

Camel coat

Camel coat

Mohair coat

Double breasted coat

Burberry wool coat

Chloé quilted coat

Sunday, 11 November 2012

Vintage Veggies

 A couple of weeks back I took advantage of a rare rain-free day in Manchester to do a bit of exploring and found myself a short while later being dragged into a vegan cafe. Being a self-professed meat lover, the word vegan usually fills me with dread as visions of lettuce leaves topped with tofu flood my mind but Withington's vegan cafe/bar
FUEL has forever cured me of my phobia. Any place that has a room dedicated solely to board games whilst also stocking a banana bread flavoured beer has got to be worth a closer look. Serving home-made,locally-sourced, vegetarian and vegan food and wide range of speciality beers under the ever watchful eye of Elvis, the place is a hipster's dream. Surrounded by the rest of the local student population I scoffed a hearty falafel wrap and washed it down with a fresh fruit smoothie, all the while feeling just a little bit virtuous for saying no to meat. A return trip is definitely on the cards... 

A girly day out wouldn't be complete without a bit of retail therapy and just over the road form Fuel, the boutique Hummingbirds is exactly my sort of shop. With a window full of leather satchels and a variety of vintage and British-made pieces, it's perfect for a girly shopper with a conscience. I found several things I wanted but, being an impoverished student, limited myself to just one and in the end came away with this shirt for £21 (to add to my already enormous collection)- a feminine take on the classic blue boyfriend shirt that I team with fitted trousers or a leather skirt to really hit the androgynous nail on the head. The rest will have to be added to my wish list. Until next time... S xx 

Sunday, 28 October 2012

Hello world!

Having spent far too much of my life getting jealous over other people's blogs, I have come to the decision that I have to start my own one. If all goes to plan it will be a fashion and lifestyle blog, centered around my adventures as a student in Manchester. Here goes- I hope it makes a good read.
S xx